Grand Prix Attack ?Sicilian Defense Theory

Grand Prix Attack ?Sicilian Defense Theory

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The Grand Prix Attack is one of the most aggressive systems white could choose against the Sicilian Defense.

For the basics of the Sicilian Defense, main variations and opening ideas watch this introductory video:

Theory of the Accelerated Dragon:
Theory of the c3 Sicilian (Alapin):
The Prins (f3) Sicilian theory:

The Grand Prix occurs after white plays f4 in the closed Sicilian. Instead of developing the bishop or preparing to fianchetto it with g3, Bg2, white is immediately expanding on the kingside and letting black know hes going to have an attacking game.

The setup white has to achieve is fairly easy to remember and to achieve, regardless of what black does. It aims to destroy black along the e, f, g, and h files, mostly ignoring the action on the opposite side of the board.

If you start playing the Grand Prix, remember that you have to be brave enough to focus on the attack and lose central control or king safety if needed. The engines give the variation as slightly better for black in most lines, but white is the one with way more attacking prospects. We are not engines. Use the Grand Prix to surprise Sicilian players and crush them!

To study the opening, find at least 20-30 games of strong GMs online and study their ideas over the board. I will be adding Grand Prix analysis to the Sicilian Defense series on the channel, so you can start there.